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Building The Next Generation


The financial industry as we know it, targets the top 3% of the wealthy, but the question then becomes, “Who helps everyone else”? The answer is, we do! Growing up poor and struggling financially for many years, Liz knows how difficult it is to break the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck. Our school system doesn’t provide this kind of education, on how to save, invest, tax advantages for your retirement, get out of debt, protect your family, build a solid financial plan, etc. This is why we are on a crusade to share and spread the information with everyone and give people a chance to create financial independence for themselves and their loved ones!
We are very proud to represent almost 200 of the strongest most reputable financial institutions in America and in the world, we are here to stay for the long run, we believe in the mission before commission!!

We will provide a safe, no judgment, no pressure environment, and treat everyone with respect whether you start with $50 or $ 500,000 – we are committed to earning your trust!

LegacyWealth is the company that will always operate with integrity, by always doing the right thing for you the client, we will serve your individual needs, help you reach your dreams and goals, and we will deliver financial planning with a heart! This is not an empty promise, we live by this promise every day!

Building The Next Generation


LegacyWealth gives back! Serving others is at the heart of what we do. We are involved with the charities listed below and will continue to invest in our communities and grow our impact on the world.


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