Liz Todorovic

Building The Next Generation

My passion is working with single mothers, helping them turn their lives around after trauma or hardship, and overall womens leadership and empowerment.

The oldest of four, Liz was born and raised in Romania. In 1988 she had her son and became a single mother with no support, no family, no money. But she knew she wanted a better life for herself and her son, so in 1989 she was smuggled across the Hungarian border as a political refugee and started life in Budapest as a homeless person. In April 1990, relentless to overcome her hardships, she landed in Chicago, married, and began raising a family; her son Erik and daughter Anita are truly the centers of her universe. A few years later, she joined the pharmaceutical industry as a temporary employee in the mailroom. Over the next 2 decades, she obtained a BA in International Relations and Economics, an MBA in Global Business and built a successful career.
In 2012, her world came crashing down with a very painful divorce and the death of her mother in the same month. The next six months were a downward spiral and she hit rock bottom emotionally, physically, spiritually, and financially, and eventually collapsed in her friend’s living room. That event became a wakeup call to not only change her life but to completely redefine it. She started to volunteer at a domestic violence shelter and became very involved with various charities.

She found her purpose and realized she wanted to spend the rest of her life in the service of others and helping people. Today she serves on the Board of Directors of A Safe Place, also as Board Secretary and Committee Chair for various fundraising events. Her passion is working with single mothers, helping them turn their life around after trauma or hardship, and overall women’s leadership and empowerment. This vision outgrew her corporate career, and in 2018 she set out on her journey as an entrepreneur to seek more time flexibility and to create a platform to create wealth to fund her own non for profit.
LegacyWealth is the answer to her prayers. Not only she now can create financial independence for herself and her kids, but also with this company she and her team, help people by providing free financial services, financial education and an opportunity to serve the community!

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