Financial Education

Building The Next Generation

Today there is a widespread need for financial education. People throughout the United States want to know how money works and how they can make it work for them. But it’s hard to gain this knowledge – schools don’t teach it, families rarely talk about it and Googling it can provide an overwhelming amount of information that can sound like it is written in a foreign language.
Understanding of some fundamental concepts on how money works, basics of personal finance and learning about retirement investment, helps you make wise choices, and better protect and grow your money. It empowers you to become more financially confident.

We offer Free Financial Needs Analysis; we take complex concepts and break them down in simple and easy to understand language because everyone has the right to know where their money goes and how it grows. This is education not thought in schools at any level. You think you might be doing ok, but a financial needs analysis is like your annual physical check-up, you get one just in case to ensure you always keep your financial house in order and stay on track to reach your goals.

Cash Flow

Understanding your cash flow is a crucial element of any good financial plan. Determining how much money is available to save and invest for your future, is done through our thorough cash flow analysis and the goal is to increase your cash flow. Your cash flow is your income less expenses. Managing your expenses by spending less, creating a budget, adjusting the frequency of your mortgage payment, are just a few ways we can help you increase your discretionary income. Cash flow can also be increased, by making more money. We explore options and provide solutions to additional streams of income.

Debt Management

Debt is the cancer of financial security. Unfortunately, financial stress due to debt actually can lead to long term, chronic illnesses. When we pay only the minimum payment on credit cards, the debt just seems to grow instead of being reduced. With our debt management solutions and our resource partners, we can assist you getting out of debt faster and stay out of debt.

Emergency Fund

Having an emergency fund is like an exercise routine. Everyone knows it’s highly beneficial, and that we must have it, but most people never actually build an emergency fund. Which is why, majority of people live paycheck to paycheck. An emergency fund is the solution to breaking the cycle. Our free financial needs analysis will help you build the right plan to ensure when those emergencies due happen, you are ready!


When trying to build and maintain savings and your investments, taxation can be an enemy if we don’t understand the different ways we are taxed on our savings. Having the right knowledge and information on taxable versus tax-deferred and tax advantage accounts can have a significant impact on the bottom line cash you get to keep short term and long term. Tax rules for a Savings account, a CD, versus a 401K, Ira or Roth IRA can be confusing and most people don’t have a clear understanding which account might be the better option for their unique situation. One size does not fit all, which is why here at LegacyWealth our licensed professionals will take great care to sit down and provide the best solutions for each client. We pride ourselves on operating with the highest standard of honesty and integrity and always doing the right thing for the client!

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